Reinhild Waldek (*1975) followed her high school studies in Linz with studies at the Music Conservatory of Linz. There she received diplomas with honours in the recorder (Carin van Heerden) and the concert harp. Reinhild Waldek continued her studies in Holland, the recorder with Walter van Hauwe and Sebastien Marq, alongside the baroque harp with Christina Pluhar.
2003 she graduated as Bachelor of Music for recorder and baroque harp and as Master of Music from the Royal Conservatory in Den Haag. Since then, she has
taught at various Austrian music schools such as the University Mozarteum of Salzburg.
As a regular member of the ensembles
Tasto Solo, Unicorn and Accentus Austria, Reinhild Waldek has played numerous concerts in Europe, as well as with her own groups vivante and Bella Discordia.
As a soloist and continuo player Reinhild is regularly invited to perform with different ensembles. She played in CD recordings and concerts with L‘Arpeggiata at the Festival for Early Music in Utrecht and in Antwerpen, with the Akademie für Alte Musik Berlin, Ensemble Mezzaluna, Les Cornets Noirs, the L‘Orfeo baroque orchestra and others.



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